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Integrated Fire Detection Systemsfor Greater Richmond and Virginia

SONITROL of Greater Richmond can meet all of your fire security requirements. We can monitor your existing fire system or we can be there when you are building out a new fire system. Our expert installation team will test and inspect your system against all local code requirements

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Prevent the Threat of Fire Damage

Damages and loss due to fire can be disastrous. Fire damage can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to your property or products. Therefore, an early fire detection and verification system by SONITROL is the key to limiting fire loss. We work closely with local fire departments on plan submittals, permitting and inspections when installing our fire detection system. When our system is in place, our operators at our Richmond Central Station can monitor signals from your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire Damage Costs

According to OSHA, The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, fires and explosions cost schools and businesses more than $2.3 billion in property damage every year. Early detection and verification are essential to minimizing fire loss. Fortunately, both are Sonitrol of Richmond’s specialties.

A True Integrated Fire Detection System

SONITROL of Greater Richmond has a proven integrated fire detection system that is unmatched in the industry. This system includes real-time monitoring of heat and smoke detectors, pull stations, and water flow devices. All of our devices meet CFSM and UL listings as well as ADA and NFPA requirements. SONITROL’s Monitoring Center verifies alarms and transmits detailed information directly to firefighters. SONITROL’s quicker and more targeted alarm information ensures faster response times and helps limit damage to your people, property and products.

SONITROL provides solutions for:

  • Heat and smoke detection
  • Sprinkler and Water flow monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring for temperature-sensitive areas such as freezers
  • Elevator recall
  • Voice evacuation system
  • Duct detection
Sonitrol fire alarm pull down
We monitor heat and smoke detectors, pull stations, and water flow devices.
Sonitrol monitoring fire and smoke
Sonitrol's fastest possible response times provides results.

Which System is Right for My Business?

Contacting a SONITROL professional is the main factor in deciding which fire detection system solution is right for you and your business. Contact a SONITROL security expert to find the correct system for your business needs.

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Why Choose SONITROL of Greater Richmond?

SONITROL of Greater Richmond offers many products and services that make us the best in the industry. Here are just a few favorite services our clients enjoy.


Verified intrusion technology keeps false alarms low.


Highly trained central station operators located in Virginia


Operators can differentiate between false and real alarms


24/7 monitoring from our Central Virginia facility

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