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Verified Audio & Video Intrusion Detection Systemfor Greater Richmond and Virginia

Sonitrol of Greater Richmond has the fastest possible response time due to our unique audio and video intrusion detection system.

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If the alarm is not verified, it’s simply guessing

A Non-verified alarm system creates two challenges to property owners and emergency services: slower police response times and increased risk of false alarms.

Since 1978, Sonitrol of Greater Richmond's verified audio and video intrusion systems give property owners the fastest possible response times. This is due to our distinctive sound and video detection technology. Whenever Sonitrol's sensors trigger because of abnormal activity on your property, a secure alert is sent to our Richmond Verification Center. Or expert operators listen to live audio and video transmissions from your site in real time.

Once the alarm is verified, they immediately call the proper authorities or if no threat exists, reset your system without disturbing you or officials. With a verified alarm security system, you don’t have to worry about false alarm fines. Hear the difference audio verification makes for yourself. That’s why businesses in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise have entrusted us with all of their security needs.

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We listen closely for abnormal sounds that can result in a break in.
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Sonitrol's fastest possible response times provides results.

Average Response Times

SONITROL response time0minutes
Private Security Guard response time0minutes
Local Police response time0minutes

Sonitrol of Greater Richmond is proven to verify intruders faster than the traditional methods.

How Our Verified Intrusion System Works

With a SONITROL of Greater Richmond verified alarm system, police prioritizes response to the alarm, increasing the chance of criminal apprehension while reducing potential loss to your business.

  1. When an alarm is initiated, our highly-trained monitoring professionals will listen and watch to decide if a break-in is in progress.
  2. If break-in has been verified, we immediately contact police and relay the information in real-time to the responding officers. If a false alarm has occurred, we will reset the system without troubling you or the police.

Worried about an incident during business hours? Adding hold-up alert capabilities to your system can automatically activate a live audio and video surveillance feed in the event of a robbery.

The Technology

We do not use conventional alarms methods, our verified alarm systems are sound-based – not motion-based. With a sound-based system, our verified audio and video intrusion system provides floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall volumetric protection to your building or property. Our system is uses patented audio detection technology that is unmatched in the industry.

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If break-in has been verified, we immediately contact police and relay the information in real-time
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Security solutions for all types of businesses and properties.

Which System is Right for My Business?

Contacting a SONITROL professional is the main factor in deciding which intrusion detection solution is right for you and your business. Contact a SONITROL security expert to find the correct system for your business needs.

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Why Choose SONITROL of Greater Richmond?

SONITROL of Greater Richmond offers many products and services that make us the best in the industry. Here are just a few favorite services our clients enjoy.


Verified intrusion technology keeps false alarms low.


Highly trained central station operators located in Virginia


Operators can differentiate between false and real alarms


24/7 monitoring from our Central Virginia facility

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