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About SONITROL of Greater Richmond and Virginia

More than 55 years ago, with the help of a police officer, SONITROL was founded with the goal of reducing false alarms and increasing criminal apprehensions.

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A History of Expertise and Innovation

Our Beginnings

The SONITROL story begins in Anderson, Indiana during the early 1960's. Robert Baxter wanted to listen for termites and pinpoint their location so he installed microphones within the walls of a building. After a few years of perfecting his microphone system, Baxter met Al Cronk, a local police officer.

Officer Cronk was frustrated with the security systems at the time. Most systems were slow and eventually let the perpetrators get away. Cronk teamed up with Baxter to invent a new alarm company. Baxter began development of a new sound sensor system. Soon after, SONITROL was born in 1964.


In 1989, SONITROL opened offices and central command center in Richmond, Virginia. Today, SONITROL continues to offer cutting-edge security systems and products when and where you need it most, with service throughout most of Virginia.

With a growing regional, national and international network serving businesses of all sizes, we have the knowlege and expertise to customize an complete solution for your security needs - all monitored by our 24/7 Central Station located in Richmond, Virginia.

Robert Baxter
Robert Baxter, co-founder
Al Cronk
Al Cronk, co-founder
1970 sonitrol security console
1970's SONITROL vintage control station

What sets SONITROL of Greater Richmond Apart?

Trusted by Police

Our verified intrusion technology is trusted by police - and when they need to enter a compromised building, they know we’ve got their back.


We measure the job of protecting what matters in seconds, because we know each one is critical to the future of your business.


We design cutting-edge security solutions around your needs, and we like a challenge. Qualified by our unprecedented warranty program.

Our Service Area

Sonitrol of Greater Richmond is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and can protect businesses most anywhere in the Commonwealth. Whether it's Eastern Virginia, Central Virginia, or South West Virginia, we are here to provide a complete security solution.

Areas We Serve
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