Our Warranty Program

With the SONITROL Warranty Program offers unprecedented guarantees and allows you to trust your security.

An Unprecedented Warranty Program

Shouldn’t you trust your security to the only technology that trusts itself?

We’ll detect and report any forcible entry made to the interior of your building while your SONITROL system is in operation, or the SONITROL Warranty Program will pay, replace or repair any loss or damage to covered goods caused by the forcible entry up to $5,000 (depending on location and account).

The Industry’s Strongest Guarantees*

The only security company that will back its service with such an aggressive guarantee.

SONITROL’s technology, service and results allow us to confidently offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty - covering satisfaction, performance, service response, false alarm protection and more.

Our conviction comes from our results. With the highest apprehension rate in the industry and over 180,000 apprehensions - and counting - SONITROL can offer the industry’s strongest guarantees with confidence.

The Details

Our Warranty Program

  • Audio Intrusion Detection$5,000 Performance Warranty**
  • Better protection, early detection
  • More comprehensive coverage across your facility than motion detectors
  • Ability to identify intruders who enter the building unconventionally, unlike perimeter protection systems
  • Critical information for responding law enforcement
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Performance Guarantee

If you experience a break-in, and SONITROL fails to dispatch the authorities on an alarm communicated to our Central Station, SONITROL will pay up to $5,000 of that loss.

Service Guarantee

If your audio intrusion detection system requires emergency service, we will have someone on site the same day. If we’re unable to complete the repair (and you’re unable to arm your system), SONITROL will pay for a security guard to watch over your facility until we’re able to get it up and running again.

False Alarm Guarantee

If you receive a fine for a false alarm that was dispatched in error by SONITROL and caused solely by SONITROL’s audio detection system (not by your personnel, the telephone company or an Act of God), SONITROL will pay the fine.

*Guarantees may vary by location **Warranty availability subject to system meeting certain requirements. Warranty may vary by location. Refer to Sonitrol - $5,000 Limited Performance Warranty for complete description. All payments are subject to and conditioned upon all terms contained in the warranty.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After three months of service if you are dissatisfied for any reason, SONITROL will remove our equipment from your premises and refund all fees—no questions asked.

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Why Choose SONITROL of Greater Richmond?

SONITROL of Greater Richmond offers many products and services that make us the best in the industry. Here are just a few favorite services our clients enjoy.


Verified intrusion technology keeps false alarms low.


Highly trained central station operators located in Virginia


Operators can differentiate between false and real alarms


24/7 monitoring from our Central Virginia facility

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